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Stop Foreclosure Today

Stop Foreclosure Today

- Avoid Sheriff Eviction / Stay in Home

- Receive up to $10,000 in Relocation Assistance

- Save your credit

Our Process . . . 100% Free.

Our Process . . . 100% Free.

STEP #1:

- Phone Consultation

- Contact Your Lender

- Obtain Lender Requirements

STEP #2:

- Submit Lender Requirements

- Coordinate Tasks

- Communicate with ALL parties

STEP #3:

- Obtain Lender "Approval"

- Coordinate Closing

STEP #4:


- Foreclosure Stop!

- Debt Free!!!

- Fresh Start.


What is a Short Sale?

ANSWER: When a homeowner can no longer afford their mortgage and sells their property/home, typically, for less than what is owed on the mortgage(s).

Lender relieves you from the mortgage; DEBT-FREE.

Example: sell home for $175,000 . . . mortgage balance = $250,000.



Kenneth T.

"My house needed a lot of repairs, it was not worth what I owed, so it was hard to sell. I could not continue to pay because of some health reasons. The LMS team did a great job talking to my lender and getting me out of a my mortgage. THANK YOU!!!

Marta R.

As real estate agents, my husband and I know how tough these listings can be. Communicating with the lender is the key to every successful file and the LMS team is the very best at getting the best solution for our client. Our success is because of them, period.

Nena D.

When I had lost my job, I was scared of getting kicked out of my house by the bank. With these guy's help, I was able to stay in my house and they even got my lender to give me $10,000 in Relocation Assistance. It was a miracle.

Seller Benefits of Short Sale?


One of the biggest Seller fears is being evicted by the County Sheriff. A sHort Sale allows Sellers more time to plan their next move and avoid eviction.


LMS leverages every possible way in requesting all Lenders provide Relocation Assistance for Sellers.


Most alternatives to a ShortSale ding a Seller's credit up to 10 years, but a short-sale minimizes that and Sellers are usually back to restoring their credit in just a couple years.

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